Review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin No. 64 (November ' 97)
(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz)

This issue begins with article about Radio Mediterrannee International, describing its staff and technical details.
In our regular headings you can find the following information.
In "Russia’s air":
– details of broadcasting in Bashkiriya (including Radio Bashkortostan, Radio Bulgar, Radio "Pervyj Kanal", "Russkoye Radio Ufa", "Serebryanyj dozhd Ufa", Radio "Super-Wolna", Radio Titan;
– news about broadcasting in Orenburg and Ufa;
– GPR-2 broadcasting schedule;
– corrections to information about program "Mezhdu Wolgoy i Uralom".
In "Band news: MW-LW" we published the second part of the list of Spanish MW stations and more news:
– UK MW station of this season;
– LW tests from Iceland;
– Radio Moldova also broadcasts on MW in Russian on 873 and 1134;
– 3d program of Ukranian Radio reactivated Russian language programs;
– and more MW news.
In "Band news: SW":
– new SW station in Argentina;
– Radio Abkhasia also on 4875;
– new frequency for Radio Habana Cuba;
– WWCR on 15600 with strong signal: what was it?
and other items.
In "Clandestine broadcasting":
– details on National Radio of the Saharan Arab Democratic Republic;
– news of Iraqi clandestines;
– new opposition Nigerian station;
– Voice of Independent Kurdistan again on the air.
In "Schedules" we presents All India Radio; Rikisutvarpid; Voice of Mediterranean; Radio Mexico International; Radio Tashkent; Swiss Radio International; Channel Africa; Adventist World Radio.
In "Utility broadcasting" this time ABC of utility station reception; Monaco Radio; Radionavigation system; UHF stations in Omsk.
"Out of band news" this time has information about co-operation of Belorussian independent station Radio 101 with Polish Radio and Russian language translation of interview of Anker Peterson with Andy Sennitt.

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