Review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin # 60 (July ' 97)
(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz)

This issue begins with the article "Excursion In Finland" where Nick Pashkevich described his visit to the Radio Finland Measuring Station.

In the "Russia's Air" this time:
- reduction of broadcast time of VHF stations in Barnaul;
- news of Moscow air;
- Municipal company of Novosibirsk is picked up with distorted signal on 4501-4504.

"Out of band news" covers this time:
- OZDX was stopped publishing;
- "Caracol Network" is now "Caracol Colombia";
- international campaign of NERRS and several our questions on it;
- "The Investment Channel" will be reactivated?

"Band news: MW-LW" includes:
- Radio Bulgaria on MW;
- "Das Wort die Kosmische Welle" via "Radio Espana";
- "China Radio International" in Russian on MW;
- DW tests via Pridnyestrovye.

"Schedules" presents this time new Radio Australia sked, new IRRS-Shortwave sked, Radio Habana Cuba, Radio Kuwait, sked of Dr, Gene Scott programs, Radio Thailand External Service.

In "Clandestine broadcasting" this time:
- new anti-Iraqi stations;
- regular programs of "Voice of Tibet";
- new schedules of Korean anti-government stations from both sides;
- "La Voz del CID" has technical problems.

In "QSL-corner" in addition to our regular results of QSLing we present our "QSL-Olymp" and also discussion on reception report conformation where you can find an interesting story: how can letters "travel" in Russia.

In "Utility Broadcasting" this time call-signs in CIS, coastal stations in Greece and a couple of questions to our readers.

Also in this issue our regular "Band news: SW", AWR 1997 Wavescan DX Contest and list of Radio & TV broadcasts from Russia in Russian via satellites.

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