Review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin # 58-59 (May-June ' 97)

(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz)

This issue begins with excerpts from the Executive Summary of the Report of Senate Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade References Committee "The Role And Future Of Radio Australia And Australia Television". Next item of this issue is Atlantic Relay Station - the information we received from the station includes stories about transmitters, feeder lines, aerial field and ARS own power station.

Top "Out of Band News" is about Monitor Radio. Also in this heading new public radiostation in Germany and plans to move HCJB transmitters from Pifo.

Then In the "Russia's Air" this time: Mariyskoye Radio on SW; Radio Nadyezhda started in Krasnodar; new stations in Moscow; plans to reduce Voice of Russia again; local station in Tver.

"Band news: MW-LW" includes: new stations in the Netherlands and Paraguay; Radio Moldova International on MW; TWR on MW.

"Band news: SW" includes: Waveguide has been reactivated but only once a month; problems with IRRS Russian programs and plans of frequency changes; Radio Mariya again on SW; interesting announcements of Radio Free Asia; new frequencies for Tajik Radio; changes in broadcast schedule of Kaunas transmitter on 9710; Radio New Zealand International is good this summer in Moscow; Radio Pakistan seems to have programs in Russian; unidentified station on 12055 on June 14.

"Clandestine Broadcasting" includes: new Iraqi station; new frequency for Iraqi Army Radio; Voice of Free Tajikistan frequencies; list of clandestine stations which confirm reception reports.

In this issue we published schedule of Russia's Radio and TV stations broadcasted via satellites.

"Schedules" on the other bands presents ORF in German and English, 5th program of Greek Radio, RAI International, UAE Radio Abu-Dhabi, Adventist World Radio, Trans-M-Radio (Ukraine), Radio Pilipinas, Channel Africa and also schedule of programs for DX-ers in English.

In "Utility broadcasting" this time GMDSS using and problems; ENIGMA club of interested in utility broadcasting; QSL hunting; Sankt-Peterburg Radio; aerocommunication in Russia; UHF in Moscow additional tips and more useful information.

In this issue we pay attention on pirate broadcasting: several news and interesting stories about Radio Grensjager, Radio Spaceman, Radio Delta, Radio Korak, Live Wire Radio.

Also in this issue our regular "QSL-corner" and "Catches in the Air".

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