REVIEW: MIDXB #53, December 1996

Review of Moscow Information DX Bulletin # 53 (December ' 96) (Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz) This issue we begin with the editorial named "Law in Russia and DX-ing". In this article we inform our reader about new law in Russia which go us back to soviet era. Here is one fragment of it: "Production, import in Russian Federation, acquisition, designing ... of radio-electronic equipment ... without special permission will lead to notification or penalty ..." The full text can be found in "Rossiyskaya gazeta", August the 10th. Then we present Associazione Italiana Radioascolto Contest 1997 "Attilio Leoni". "Band news: MW-LW" includes: - new addresses of British stations; - 999 was tested by Deutsche Welle; - new frequencies of Iranian stations; - changes in schedules of domestic Spanish stations; - new frequencies for "Promin"; and more interesting news. "Band news: SW" includes: - feeders of Argentinean stations; - changes in Deutsche Welle Russian service schedule; - programs in English from Dominican Republic; - another problems with Kol Israel; - RCI had problems only one week; - KBS broadcasts via Scelton in Russian, but in Scelton apparently nobody knows about it, the result is no program at all; - plans of Mexican Radio Educacion; - end of feeder era of VOA; - has Radio Thailand any projects? - new data about Turkmenian Radio; and more interesting news. "Catches in the air" covers broadcast band between 756 and 21600 kHz plus UTE band between 4218 and 8682 kHz. In "QSL-corner" as usual results of QSL-ing accompanying with useful addresses for writing reception reports plus more information for those who is interested in QSLs. Next part of our bulletin is article "Radiostation REM-4": how to use information which broadcasts from this station. This issue concludes with "Short news" about Radio and Computer and "Schedule" of Radio "Voice of Armenia". We welcome information, comments and suggestions on our bulletin. We would like to establish contacts with DX clubs; DX, Radio and Media magazines around the world. If you would like to make contacts with us, please, write to the following address: Russia, 125581 Moscow A-581, P.O.Box 65, Vadim Alexeew. Via Internet: This review can be sent you on a free basis via Internet or Mail on your request. Our Russian language publications (including MIDXB and our reference book "Broadcasts from abroad in the Russian language") can be sent to clubs and other organizations on exchange basis regularly free of charge. MIDXB wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!