REVIEW: MIDXB #52, November 1996

(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz) This issue begins with the last part of Russian language version of "Introduction to Scanning" by Bob Parnass (AJ9S). Next is "Band news: SW" including - new name for Radio Bangladesh; - new BBC projects; - Radio Denmark will cease English language broadcasts beginning next year; - changes in station schedules in winter season. "Catches in the air" covers frequency range between 243 & 17910 kHz plus UTE loggings between 3413 & 17027 kHz. Next is China Radio International contest questions. "Day by day" covers Radio Singapore International. In "Schedules" we present Israel, India Regional Domestic Shortwave Stations, Italy (Adventist World Radio), Moldavia, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines (Radio Veritas Asia), Switzerland, South Africa. "Utility broadcasting" presents interval-signals of maritime radiostations of former USSR. We welcome information, comments and suggestions on our bulletin. We would like to establish contacts with DX clubs; DX, Radio and Media magazines around the world. If you would like to make contacts with us, please, write to the following address: Russia, 125581 Moscow A-581, P.O.Box 65, Vadim Alexeew. Via Internet: This review can be sent you on a free basis via Internet or Mail on your request. Our Russian language publications (including MIDXB and our reference book "Broadcasts from abroad in the Russian language") can be sent to clubs and other organizations on exchange basis regularly free of charge.