REVIEW: MIDXB #51, October 1996

(Times - UTC, Frequencies - kHz) We begin this issue with the next part of "Digital signals". This time about multitone signals of MFSK system. Next is "Utility Broadcasting" where we present short information about "KRIK" - Criminal Radio Information Channel here in Moscow, also in this heading the past and present of citizens band radio in Russia. "Band news: MW-LW" includes - MW broadcasting in Iraq; - MW net of RDP - R. Comercia; - new MW station in Moscow; - VOA on MW; and more useful information. "Band news: SW" includes - feeder channels of Argentinean stations; - new segment in "Pacific DX Report"; - new channels of AIR on 22 mb; - new transmitters in Meyerton; and more useful information. "Catches in the air" covers frequency range between 612 and 15600 on MW and SW. This time we also present you several utility loggings. "QSL-corner" informs about next results in QSLing of our readers. Also in this heading our "black" and "grey" list of stations. "Schedules" in this issue presents schedules of Radio Bulgaria, Radio Georgia, English service of Radio Vlaanderen International, German, English and Russian programs of Deutsche Welle. "Voice of Russia" tells about situation with 2 VOR stations during past several months and what is it now. In "Technique of reception" we present receiver test.This time-SONY ICF-W7600G. We welcome information, comments and suggestions on our bulletin. We would like to establish contacts with DX clubs; DX, Radio and Media magazines around the world. If you would like to make contacts with us, please, write to the following address: Russia, 125581 Moscow A-581, P.O.Box 65, Vadim Alexeew. Via Internet: This review can be sent you on a free basis via Internet or Mail on your request. Our Russian language publications (including MIDXB and our reference book "Broadcasts from abroad in the Russian language") can be sent to clubs and other organizations on exchange basis regularly free of charge.