REVIEW: MIDXB #49, August 1996

All the frequencies are in kHz (otherwise noted). This issue opens with the next part of "Digital Signals" by Stan Scalsky and Mike Chace (our Russian language version): The modes on SW. Our regular headings: * Band news: MW-LW includes - power reduction of RVI transmitter; - Voice of Russia in German is relayed in Berlin; - addresses of Kazakh local stations in Ust-Kamenogorsk, Akmola, Chimkent; - Radio VBC (Vladivostok) changed its frequency; - additional information about Tomsk Radio; - and more information from Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia, UK, Vatican, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Moldavia, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine and Switzerland. * Band news: SW includes - strange situation with Russian language programs from Guam; - new frequency of Liberia Communications Network; - review of broadcasters in Somalia; - Turkish State Meteorological Service: several data; - and more information from Iraq, China, Madagascar, Nigeria, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, Philippines. * Schedules presents Voice of Armenia, Radio Cancao Nova, Radio Kuwait, Radio Slovakia, FEBC. * Catches In The Air covers frequencies between 3232 and 17750 kHz. Plus UNID on 4930 kHz at 23.01-00.20 with short news in English and pop-music with phone-calls. Who can help? * In Day By Day this time the second part of the program guide of The Voice Of The Andes. * In Technique Of Receiving we take a look at Grundig Yacht Boy 400. * QSL-corner as full of information about conformation plus useful addresses including VOA Relay Stations. * Utility Broadcasting presents information about Time and Frequency stations in Russia. This issue also includes participation conditions of the Tropical CO.RAD 1996 competition which will run October, 27 till November, 3 1996. Also we give the answers on several letters to editor in Your Letters. To obtain this issue of MIDXB please send 5500 rub for Russia, 9000 rub for CIS, 11500 rub or 5 IRSs - outside CIS to the following address: Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581, Russia. You can also subscribe to MIDXB for half a year. It costs in Russia 30000rub + 6 SASE or 44000rub, in CIS - 47500rub, outside CIS - 57500rub or 20 IRCs or 12 US$. We also invite you to order the 9th edition of our reference book Broadcasts From Abroad in The Russian Language. A copy of this useful guide costs: for Russia - 19000rub (12800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for CIS - 22000rub (14800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for other countries - 30000rub or 6 US$ or 10 IRCs (19800rub or 3.5 US$ or 7 IRCs for MIDXB subscribers). Payment in US$ you should send to SAVING BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION MOSCOW BANK (Voikovskoye branch 5282/01544) Currency department for corr. acc. 081000005 Voikovskoye Branch 5282/01544 125565, Moscow, Leningradskoye road, 84 acc. 3800100503427 Mr. Vadim Alexeew