REVIEW: MIDXB #47, June 1996

All the frequencies are in kHz (otherwise noted). This review I would like to begin with full translation of my item entitled "Situation". Here it is. In March this year Konstantin Gusev (one of the editors of MIDXB) send a letter to the "Voice of Russia" with request of full station schedule to be able to publish it and send to a great deal of DX-ers in CIS and other countries who are interested in broadcasting from Russia. The answer wasn't delayed. In big (A4 format) color envelope there was only one sheet of paper with the following (this is the original text because in Russian State organization English is seemed to be an official language): "Dear Mr. Gusev, We have received your letter sent by E-mail, in which you offer us cooperation in distributing our program schedules. At this point we would like to inform you that we reserve the monopoly in sending out the Voice of Russia program schedules to our listeners worldwide, using all means available, including Internet. We regret to say we can offer you cooperation on a commercial basis only. Sincerely, Vladimir L.Zhamkin Editor-in-Chief, The World Service in English" I think no commentaries needed here. Only several notes. In my practice and I think in your also such announcement about commercial distributing of program schedules is the first and unique. Mr. Zhamkin offers us to pay him for we will distribute on free base and publish his station schedule. About the monopoly in sending out the Voice of Russia program schedules we can judge by a lot of requests to help to receive Voice of Russia schedule which we receive via different ways. This response of functionary of broadcasting sais us once again how far we went away from our "beautiful past". Up until now Russian DX-ers have very little possibilities to help foreign DX-ers in receiving information about Russian stations. More over we ourselves often receive such information from our colleges abroad. It's very sad. Vadim Alexeew Also in this issue: * Band News: SW includes - very unusual frequency of Radio Bulgaria; - new project of NEXUS-IBA and WRMI; - Lithuanian Radio drops relay time on SW; - new stations in Peru; - Russian station "Meditsina dlya Vas" (Medicine for you) picked up on SW; - frequency changes of Radio Sweden and Radio Yugoslavia Russian Services; and many other items. * Day By Day presents program schedule of the English service of Radio Vlaanderen Internationaal. * Catches In The Air cover this time frequencies between 999 and 17865 kHz. * In Schedules you can find: - Radio Austria International English Service; - Radio Bangladesh; - KFBS from Saipan; - list of DX-programs from AWR; - Radio Romania International; - Radio Prague. * In QSL-corner achievements of our colleges. * In Utility Broadcasting there are aircraft stations and results of monitoring of Russia's Meteo-stations. * Technique of receiving presents a couple ideas for Ishim-003 and brief review of portable Lowe and Sangean. * In this issue we begin to publish translation of "Digital Signals" by Stan Scalsky and Mike Chace. To obtain this issue of MIDXB please send 5500 rub for Russia, 9000 rub for CIS, 11500 rub or 5 IRSs - outside CIS to the following address: Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581, Russia. You can also subscribe to MIDXB for half a year. It costs in Russia 30000rub + 6 SASE or 44000rub, in CIS - 47500rub, outside CIS - 57500rub or 20 IRCs or 12 US$. We also invite you to order the 9th edition of our reference book Broadcasts From Abroad in The Russian Language. A copy of this useful guide costs: for Russia - 19000rub (12800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for CIS - 22000rub (14800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for other countries - 30000rub or 6 US$ or 10 IRCs (19800rub or 3.5 US$ or 7 IRCs for MIDXB subscribers). Payment in US$ you should send to SAVING BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION MOSCOW BANK (Voikovskoye branch 5282/01544) Currency department for corr. acc. 081000005 Voikovskoye Branch 5282/01544 125565, Moscow, Leningradskoye road, 84 acc. 3800100503427 Mr. Vadim Alexeew

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