REVIEW: MIDXB #44, March 1996

All the frequencies are in kHz (otherwise noted). This issue begins with article describing situation with SSTV in CIS countries. It covers the whole history of SSTV development in USSR and then in Russia. Click here for full version of this article in Russian KOI-8. This article was provided by Mr. Sukhowerkhow (UA3AJT) who lead this work in the Central Radio Club of Russian Federation. The article also informs about open competition which is organized by Central Radio Club of Russian Federation and run on the 13th of April at 00.00 till 18.00. All details you can receive calling (095) 949-53-51. * Topic of the issue this time is Siberia region. It includes: - LW, MW and SW stations of Siberia; - UHF stations of Novosibirsk; - regular programmes of Novosibirsk state radio company; - Novosibirsk television. * News from the Air: SW includes among others the following items: - Radio Continental on SW; - AIR tests new transmitters; - New frequency for REE; - Will TRT broadcasts in SSB mode. * New Technologies discovers today what is RDS. * Utility broadcasting describes coast service with frequency ranges. * In Your Letters we invite all DX-ers to our next meeting which will be in the Central Radio Club of Russian Federation (Pokhodnyiy pr., 23) on the 13th of April at 11.00 MSK. Also in this issue Catches in the Air, Schedules and QSL-corner headings. To obtain this issue of MIDXB please send 5500 rub for Russia, 9000 rub for CIS, 11500 rub or 5 IRSs - outside CIS to the following address: Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581, Russia. You can also subscribe to MIDXB for half a year. It costs in Russia 30000rub + 6 SASE, in CIS - 50000rub, outside CIS - 62000rub or 25 IRCs. We also invite you to order the 9th edition of our reference book Broadcasts From Abroad in The Russian Language. A copy of this useful guide costs: for Russia - 19000rub (12800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for CIS - 22000rub (14800rub for MIDXB subscribers); for other countries - 30000rub or 6 US$ or 10 IRCs (19800rub or 3.5 US$ or 7 IRCs for MIDXB subscribers).