REVIEW: MIDXB #42, January 1996

Welcome aboard once again. After a year of forced break MIDXB was started again. Since the last issue there are several small changes in the structure of the bulletin. News from Russia is now divided between parts of new heading News from the Air: MW-LW, SW, UHF. Two following headings were also added: Schedules, New Technologes.

All the frequencies are in kHz (otherwise noted). This issue begins with article about Radio Canada International in connection with possible closing of RCI. Then survey: Digital broadcasting: today and tomorrow. * News from the Air: MW-LW includes among others the following itemes: - Belorussia: new TWR relay on 1170; - Ireland: MW stations without license; - Latvia: new privite station in Elgava works 24 h a day; - Russia - Arkhangelsk: new frequency for Radio 1 Ostankino: - Russia - Moscow: new opposition station Vryemya (Time) via powerful transmitter nearby Moscow; - Russia - Moscow: stations Intellect and Russkaya Volna (former Moscow Music Radio) are no longer exists; - Russia - Moscow: radio Radonezsh has one more MW frequency; - Ukraine: Master-Radio on a new MW frequency. * News from the Air: SW includes changes for our handbook "Broadcasts from abroad in the Russian language" along with other news from SW bands. * Catches in the Air covers today fequency range between 171 and 17570 kHz which were monitored in European part of Russia and in the Far East. * Schedules in this issue presents Canada, Qatar, Costa-Rica, Cuba, New Zealand, Pakistan. * In QSL-corner there are several useful addresses plus news in QSLing. * Utility broadcasting covers UHF airport frequences for Moscow and another interesting information. * New Technologes pesents ABC of satellite broadcasting. To obtaine this issue of MIDXB please send 5000 rub for Russia, 8000 rub for CIS, 11000 rub or 5 IRSs - outside CIS to the following address: Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581, Russia. You can also subscribe to MIDXB for half a year. It costs in Russia 27400rub + 6 SASE, in CIS - 46400rub, outside CIS - 56200rub or 25 IRCs.

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