REVIEW: MIDXB #40, November 1994

* news from Russia: including news from Moscow, Krasnodarsky region and relay news via facilities in Russia. --> Radio Intellect - new station in Moscow uses 1467 (the same one is used by Radio Rezonans) between 07.00-13.00 --> Camerton Radio (Moscow) increased time of broadcasting and now on the air 05.00-09.00 and 12.00-16.00 on 1413 --> Radio Maykop (Krasnodarsky region) was picked up at 17.45-18.00 on 1089 with economic news in Adygey, Arabic and Turkish * QSL-corner: In QSL-news - new series of 4 QSLs was issued by Radio Tirana. It's named "Albania in XIX century". In "SOS!" there is a request for help to find the address of Deutschland Radio. * On the broadcasting bands: new schedules of Australian Defence Forces Radio, KWHR, Radio Moldova International, WEWN, Warsaw Radio, AWR, Abkhaz Radio and more. --> Ukraine-new frequency 4780 kHz for local and foreign programmes * UHF-Radio presents this time full list of UHF transmitters in Tomsk region, including site,frequency and power. Also other different news in UHF scene in Russia. * MW-LW covers news from UK, Netherlands, Germany and Ukraine. * Also in this issue - first part of Russian translation of the article "Introduction to Scanning" by Bob Parnass (AJ9S) and items by Dr.Peterson devoted to KGEI and former KCBI. * In new item named "Our club" we began to inform readers on the process of organizing official DX-club in Russia in well known Central Radio Club named by Krenkel. To order a copy of the November issue send 4 IRCs and for copies of the October, November and December issues- 10 IRCs to Vadim Alexeew, P.O.Box 65, Moscow A-581, 125581 Russia. To obtain previous issues (##34-38) send 8 IRCs to the same address.