REVIEW: MIDXB #39, October 1994

All the frequencies are in kHz (otherwise noted). * Receivers: "Sibir", "P-880M" (technical data) * UHF-Radio: news on FM-local station from Bryansk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Rostov and others. --> Estonia (frequencies in MHz) Tallin | Tartu Raadio Tallinn 100.0 | Tartu Raadio 100.2 Raadio Kuku 100.7 | Q Raadio 102.4 ---------------------------------------------------- Kuressaare | Pjarnu Saaremaa Raadio 72.33 | Parnu Raadio 101.3 Raadio Kadi 101.1 | ---------------------------------------------------- Kjardla | Pakvere Hiiu Raadio 100.4 | Viru-R Raadio 101.3 ----------------------------------------------------- Viljandi Mulgi Raadio 100.8 * news from Russia: MW stations in Moscow, "Radio Atlantica", "Tikhy Okean" station schedule --> Chechen Republic United opposition has begun radio and TV broadcasts from the place of Tolstoy Urt via MW tx (radius about 600 km). These programs are relayed on 1089. * MW-LW --> Moldavia-Pridnestrov'e "R. Pridnestrov'e" could be heard on unannounced 1035 with parallel 999 (1000 kW) and 1467 (500 kW) * MW-SW Loggings by Igor Zhurkin * Contests; including announce of East and West Radio Club Contest * QSL-corner --> Confirmations from all utility stations of East-Siberian River Steamship Company could be obtained via Mikhail Timofeev: P.O.Box 53 Shelekhov-6, 666020 Russia. Return postage required for Russia: SASE+1 intern. envelope CIS : 1 IRC (2 IRCs air mail) other : 2 IRC (3 IRCs air mail). The following stations to be confirmed- modes: A3H, A3J, A1, F1; CW call-signs: UMW, UUJ, RPHA, RWXA, UGB and others sites: Irkutsk, Ust'-Barguzin, Ust'-Uda, Baikal, Bratsk, Nizhneangarsk; frequencies: 6340(UMW), 4280, 4070, 4120. For more details ask Mikhail Timofeev (the address above). * On the broadcasting bands: news and schedules from R. Australia, R. Bulgaria, KWHR, KSDA, R. Iraq, TWR Swaziland, Peruvian stations and more. * Short article about abbreviations and SINPO code for beginners.