Subscription prices for the MIDXB
  Since January 1999 Moscow Information DX Bulletin (MIDXB) transformed into magazine "Efir-Courier"("Air-Courier"). Here are subscription costs for "EC" and   handbook "Broadcasts from abroad in Russian language". Both publications are in Russian. "EC" is monthly, handbook is  twice a year. The 14th edition of handbook was printed  in the end of January. It contains (in addition to other stations)  full frequency and programme schedule for Voice of Russia Russian  service, Radio Rossii and Mayak shortwave frequency schedules.

publication       half-year/air-mail             one-year/air mail

Efir-Courier 44 IRC(14 US$)/52 IRC(16 US$) 82 IRC(26 US$)/94 IRC(30 US$)
(6/12 issues)

 Handbook    19 IRC (6 US$)/22 IRC (7 US$) 35 IRC(11 US$)/41 IRC(13 US$)
(1/2 issues)

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